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Legal Survey Annotation

Data Identification
Abstract: The cadastral annotations consist of text as lot number, block number, quad number, etc.
Purpose: This data is used to depict the integrated cadastral framework. This properly structured vector data is designed and suited for Geographical Information System (GIS) application and can be used for land management purposes. This data set is not to be used for defining boundaries. Administrative decisions should be based on legal documents and legal survey plans.
Language: English
Title: Legal Survey Annotation
Date: 2014-01-01
Date Type: Publication Date
Organisation Name: NRCan - Canada Center for Cadastral Management
Role: Originator
Point Of Contact:
Individual Name: Elden Pfeiffer
Organisation Name: Canada Center for Cadastral Management, NRCan
Position Name: Senior Surveyor - GIS
Role: Point Of Contact
Contact Info:
Voice: 867-667-3958
E-Mail Address:
Representation Type: Vector
Topic Category: Cadastral
Keyword Collection:
Keyword: Yukon
Keyword: Survey
Keyword: Cadastral
Keyword: COGO
Keyword: Parcel
Keyword: Lot
Keyword: Downloadable Data
Spatial Extent:
West Bounding Longitude: -144.470498
East Bounding Longitude: -119.453141
North Bounding Latitude: 69.782923
South Bounding Latitude: 59.645613
Constraints: Subject to License Agreement for Unrestricted Use of Canada Lands Digital Cadastral Data. Refer to:
Distribution Format:
Format Name: SDE Feature Class
Format Version:
Scope: Dataset
Lineage: NRCan - Canada Center for Cadastral Management
File Identifier: F528C2F0-9634-44AC-89A2-C17AAE80E6C0
Metadata Language: English
: utf8
Resource Type: Dataset
Responsible Party:
Organisation Name: Geomatics Yukon
Position Name: Spatial Data Administrator
Role: Point Of Contact
Metadata Date: 2014-08-27
Metadata Standard Name: ISO 19139 Geographic Information - Metadata - Implementation Specification
Metadata Standard Version: 2007
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